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UMS Labuan International Campus (UMSLIC)

UMS Labuan International Campus (UMSLIC), located approximately 18KM from Labuan city center is the first branch campus for Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). On January 1, 1999 UMSLIC started its operation with a total of 356 first intake students on May, 1999. 

This Campus is known as “The Beach Campus” because of its location facing the beach and is considered as one of the most beautiful institution of higher learning in Malaysia. The pleasant and harmonial campus surroundings offer a condusive learning environment. 

UMSLIC promotes applied knowledge which encompasses communication, management and analysis skills of global standing which attracts international students from the China, African and Middle-East region. Todate, UMSLIC has approximately 100 international students from various nationalities. 

The direction of UMSLIC academic program is to create a center for global higher education which represents the Federal Territory of Labuan as a Business Center and excellence based toward the developement of the community and the nation.

In UMSLIC, students are educated, trained, guided and molded as a whole in various form of unique study disciplines, in a condusive environment supported by a complete and sophisticated learning and teaching aid to produce a balance human capital in all aspects.

Labuan Matriculation College

Labuan Matriculation College more commonly known as KML or Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan in Malay is a pre-university college located on the Federal   Territory of Labuan. It is set up by the Malaysian Government to provide foundation courses for students entering the universities in Malaysia.  Labuan Matriculation College is one of the Centre of Excellence among matriculation colleges which Labuan Matriculation College is Centre of Excellence in Cultural.  Located in Merinding, Labuan, this college is approximately 10 km away from Labuan Airport.

The college offers two different matriculation programmes, namely, One Year Programme (PST, short for Program Satu Tahun in Malay) and Two Year Programme (PDT, short for Program Dua Tahun in Malay). For the One Year Programme, four courses are offered - 3 courses for Science and another for Accounting.  On the other hand, for the Two Year programme, three courses are offered: 3 courses for Science.  Three courses for Science offered are Module I, Module II and Module III. Module I contains Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. Module II contains Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Mathematics while Module III contains Biology,Computer Science, Chemistry and Mathematics.
It prepares Malaysian SPM holders for entrance to the First Year Bachelor's Degree programme at local and overseas universities.

Facilities in Labuan Matriculation College include an air-conditioned library, three cafeterias, a student hall (Dewan Mutiara), six lecture halls, science labs, language labs, computer labs, sports facilities, student activity center, mosque and six blocks of hostels (Karisma, Madani and Luhur). There are also apartments for academic staff. The college's academic center consists of two large lecture halls that can hold up to 300 students at one time. In addition, there are also four medium lecture halls, each with a capacity of 200.

Peace Park

Peace Park

Situated at Layang-Layangan. This beatifully landscaped park was built as a memorial and renunciation of the horrors of war. A huge man-made mound is the focal point and there is a plaque signifying the renunciation of war.